The Journey Begins

I’m a terrible writer. Mistake prone, lazy, and I usually don’t take enough pictures to merit interest. But I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of a few friends and chronicle my adventures outside of Facebook. While I probably won’t see as much traffic, I hope that this website will allow a bit more writing (plus, I’m paying for this site, so that will make me more inclined to write).

I’m definitely motivated by food. Most of my climbing partners expect me to ask “What’s for dinner” at some point in the climb. And many of my friends have become numb to the fact I can put down a few pounds worth of meat, potatoes, or whatever else is handy, in a single sitting. It’s a wonder I’m not fatter than I already am.

But I digress. I hope to write about my adventures (climbing or otherwise) and document all the eating I do in between to keep my energy levels high enough to suffer some more the following day. As the title says…have snacks, will suffer….


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